When is a watch winder useful?

When is a watch winder useful?

If you own one or more automatic watches, you have probably wondered whether you need a watch winder and if so, which one. The answer to these questions depends on the individual watch model and the comfort needs of the wearer. Find out here what complications a watch winder is absolutely recommended for and what you should pay attention to when purchasing.

What is a watch winder for?
Normally, automatic watches wind up automatically due to the arm movements of the person who wears them. Even if watches are at rest for a while, the date and time do not have to be reset as they usually have a power reserve.

However, if you own several automatic watches or only wear your watch sporadically, you probably know the following situation: After the watch has not been used for a long time, the movement stops, and the time and date are out of order. This does not happen with a watch winder, also known as a watch winder or watch winder. This turns the automatic watch attached to it slowly and steadily around its rotor axis. The movement mimics wearing on the wrist and allows the winding mechanism to work, which keeps the watch running.

When is a watch winder useful?
If you regularly wear your automatic watch on your wrist, you may need a watch winder more as a decorative storage location and less in terms of its function. However, if a watch is rarely worn, as is the case with valuable collectibles, it is advisable to purchase it. A prolonged standstill of the clockwork can cause damage to the clockwork. With older automatic watches, in particular, a watch winder prevents the oil from thickening, which can lead to signs of wear on the movement.

Another aspect that speaks for the purchase is special complications. If an automatic watch has complications, such as a perpetual calendar or moon phase, the re-setting of which is very complex, you should also keep the watch running.

A watch winder is also highly recommended for watch collectors who want to keep their valuable objects ready for presentation at any time.

However, conventional mechanical watches without an automatic movement cannot be wound up by the rotation movement. A watch winder therefore only makes sense for owners of automatic watches.

What should you pay attention to when buying a watch winder?
Make sure that the direction of rotation is possible on both sides because not every movement is wound in the same direction. Some are right and others are left rotating (clockwise or counterclockwise).

Another useful function is the “sleep phase”. Similar to natural wearing behavior, the watch winder rests when you are resting at night and does not bother you with constant noise. Although: High-quality models usually work very quietly and are barely noticeable.

If you wear your automatic watch on your wrist for several hours a day, a watch winder is not absolutely necessary. However, watch winders are not only useful from a technical point of view but also allow very stylish and representative storage of automatic watches. For this reason, the manufacturers of watch winders pay particular attention to their appearance.

If you have a large collection of automatic watches, you are guaranteed to appreciate the convenience of such a device. Simply choose the right favorite piece for the day and put it on your wrist without time-consuming adjustments.

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