What Watch Suits Which Shoe?

What Watch Suits Which Shoe?

On elegant occasions or in business life, the masters of creation often have few opportunities to emphasize their own individuality – the suit is set. Therefore, the choice of shoes, belts, and watches is of particular importance. Julia Albrecht explains in the gentleman’s blog which combination of shoes and watch optimally complements your outfit.

A pair of Oxfords are part of the basic equipment of every man because this special men’s shoe model skilfully rounds off a serious appearance in a suit. The look of classic shoes is characterized by the closed lacing. For formal occasions, the Oxford often comes in black and is best used sparingly with decorations.

The derby with open lacing is a little less formal, and in warm brown tones it fits perfectly with casual – yet stylish – casual clothing. In muted colors, the derby is just as suitable for a suit and is an ideal companion for elegant occasions and in business. If you want to give your outfit an individual touch, choose a model made of exotic leathers or with hole decorations, the so-called broguing.

Classic watches also go well with the shoe classics, which are reserved in terms of design and color, as well as high-quality workmanship. Flat models are particularly suitable because they easily disappear under the shirt sleeve. In business, the material should be limited to steel or ceramic variants. Watches made of gold or diamonds could lead to negative reactions here. It is also important that the color of the leather strap of a watch matches the shoes and the belt. Although chronographs have now become socially acceptable in the office, we recommend simple models that do not involve any complex complications.

Rolex watch

The Rolex Datejust is a model with which you are always right because it can be elegantly combined for almost all occasions. The Datejust builds on a long tradition and has many fans. In 1945 it was launched as the world’s first watch with an automatically changing date display. Since then, its timeless look has been maintained by being very carefully modernized over the years. The Datejust is a timeless choice for those who want to wear their watch 20 years from now.

In the 1950s, sneakers were still considered the domain of youth, with which they rebelled against the ruling establishment, the »Schleicher« established themselves as an accepted leisure shoe around 30 years later. Today, the comfortable treads are available in numerous variants from sporty to trendy to classy. Goodyear welted men’s sneakers made of full leather look good on the feet of sophisticated men and are based on classic shoe designs. Sporty timepieces complete the casual outfit. Aviator and diving watches in particular have become increasingly popular in recent years. Men love the large, functional timepieces with which they can easily cope with the urban jungle. But more and more women are putting the martial models on their wrists.

In the meantime, almost every brand also has sports and mission watches in its repertoire, e.g. B. U-Boat, Davosa, or TAG Heuer. With such a large selection, the decision for a particular model is not always easy. Those who value durability and precision should take a look at the renowned Swiss watch house Breitling. The company was founded in 1884 and has always been known for its proximity to aviation and aviation. A milestone in the history of Breitling was the development of the first wristwatch chronograph, in which the stop function was controlled simply using pushers – a technology that has been copied a thousand times today. In short: Anyone who wears Breitling shows style and a sense of the original.

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