Choosing a Watch: Mechanic or Electric and Why

Choosing a Watch: Mechanic or Electric and Why

There is no doubt that a watch is a popular accessorize that has been around for years. For example, firstly people used to carry pocket watches. With the development of new technologies, hand watches were invented and they quickly became an irreplaceable part of our lives. However, technological progress went even further. Today we can enjoy electric watches that have become a popular device. From this perspective, what is better? Let’s review the advantages and disadvantages of both electric and mechanic watches to find out. 

1.      Electric Watches

As for the advantages of electric watches, there are many. First of all, they are accurate and do not require any mechanical adjustments. You simply need to turn the watch on and enjoy it. Moreover, the electric watch is usually light-weight. It makes it easy to travel with it. Another advantage of an electric watch – it is affordable. The market is full of different offers, and each person will be able to find a suitable and affordable option. In addition to this, many smartwatches can show not only time but many other metrics. For example, a lot of people use a smartwatch as an activity tracker that shows steps, burnt calories, and heart rate. Moreover, some of them can be synchronized with a phone. It means that you will be even able to answer the calls using a watch. As for the cons, there is one: not everyone likes it visually.

2.      Mechanic Watches  

The main advantage of a mechanical watch is its style. There is no doubt that it is considered to be a trendy accessorize that can show social status. Many people state that the handwork engineering that is required while making a mechanic watch, make it desirable. The visual aspect of having such a watch is also important. 

As for the disadvantages, there are a few. First of all, they require regular winding. Professional recommends doing it once a day which can be very annoying. Moreover, a mechanical watch is less accurate than the electric one. It has an accuracy of 99,99% that can worsen with time. Another disadvantage of mechanical watches: they can be sensitive to the environment. And lastly, mechanical watches are very expensive. The price tag for good ones starts with 500 dollars. 

To sum everything up, both mechanical and electric watches have their target audience. For example, if you want a useful device that will be easy to wear and will show time and many other metrics accurately – go for an electric watch. However, if you see a watch as a piece of art, appreciate the handwork and see it as an investment – a mechanic one will be best. 

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