Can You Wear Your Grandpa’s Watch or Is it Better to Buy a New One?

Can You Wear Your Grandpa’s Watch or Is it Better to Buy a New One?

There is no arguing that a watch can be a useful device. Obviously, people use it to always know the time. In addition to this, many see a watch as a trendy accessorize that can take a look complete and fashionable. For that reason, choosing the right item is very important. However, what if your grandpa has already gifted you hid watch? Is it a good idea to wear it or it is better to buy a new one? Let’s review all the advantages and disadvantages to find out. 


1.      You Will Save Money

The first and most obvious advantage of wearing your grandfather’s watch is the fact that it is free. It is not a secret that a good new watch can be quite expensive, but in this case, you will be able to save money. 

2.      It Can Be of High Quality

The next reason for considering wearing a grandpa’s watch is the fact that it can be good and highly valued. For example, if your grandfather has given you a Swiss watch, you should wear it without any doubt. They are expensive and always of high quality. Even older items are very valuable in the market. 

3.      It Can Be a Vintage Accessorize

Another argument for wearing the grandfather’s watch is its being a fashion object. You have probably noticed that fashion is cyclic. A lot of the items that were popular in the past are gaining their popularity back. That is why an old grandpa’s watch can actually be a trendy vintage accessorize that will be an addition to your style. 

4.      It Is a Memory

The last reason for wearing your grandfather’s watch is its sentimental value. You will use it as a reminder of your relative. It gives many people a feeling of emotional contact even if the person if no longer with us. 


1.      It Can Work Badly

The first disadvantage is the fact that an old watch can work badly. For example, it can show the time not as accurate as it is needed. 

2.      It Can Require Repairing

A grandpa’s watch can require additional repairing due to age. It is probable that some mechanisms should be repaired before wearing the watch. Moreover, you may need to change the band and upper layer of the watch to make it look better. 

3.      It Does Not Have All the Modern Functions

Another reason for buying a new watch is the fact that there are options that show more than time. For example, many people buy smartwatches that can show many metrics and be synchronized with a phone. 

In this perspective, there are both advantages and disadvantages of using your grandpa’s watch. If you want a highly technological device, it makes more sense to buy a new one. However, if you want a stylish vintage accessorize that has a history  – go for your grandfather’s watch.

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